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Barbiturates Rehab Center

Barbiturates Addiction Treatment at Passages Ventura

Passages Ventura’s drug addiction treatment program offers the most advanced and personally tailored solution to your barbiturate addiction. Dependency on barbiturates can form quickly, and overdoses can be common as barbiturates are particularly dangerous when mixed with alcohol.

As a part of the select Passages Ventura rehab group, you will never be labeled or treated as the generic “addict.” Rather, we will seek to treat your barbiturates addiction on an individual basis, using mostly one-on-one therapy and taking into consideration your personal history, career pressures, relationship issues and body chemistry. We treat individuals who abuse sleeping pills and various barbiturates using our cutting edge addiction treatment modalities and holistic, groundbreaking addiction treatment philosophy. If you or a loved one is dependent on barbiturates, take action and call now to learn more about our barbiturates rehab programs at (888) 926-4859.

We are quite sure that our substance abuse treatment program and progressive treatment methods can end your dependency on barbiturates permanently. Your chance to finally end the vicious cycle of barbiturate abuse and dependency is waiting – Call us now (888) 926-4859.