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Alternative Non 12-Step Non AA

Alternative Non 12-step Non-AA Addiction Treatment

At Passages Ventura, we offer non-12 step, non-AA, alternative holistic drug and alcohol addiction treatment.

There are a few key points to be aware of when comparing non-12 step programs like Passages Ventura to the 12 steps:

12 Step Treatment Centers:

  • Require you to declare yourself as a lifelong addict or alcoholic
  • Believe that addiction is a disease
  • Include mopping floors, cleaning toilets, and engaging in punitive chores as part of their treatment model
  • Prohibit contact with friends and family through phones or the internet
  • Require work with a sponsor, attendance of AA meetings, and focus primarily on large group sessions instead of one-on-one therapy

Passages Ventura’s Non-12 Step Rehab Center:

  • Provides abundance of one-on-one, customized therapy each month
  • Heals the underlying conditions causing your addiction, not just the symptoms of addiction itself
  • Ensures complete confidentiality, respectful treatment, and an overall positive environment
  • Provides a full team of therapists and addiction experts
  • Utilizes holistic methods to ensure physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing
  • Allows unlimited permission to speak to family and friends during treatment
  • Will never require you to declare yourself as powerless

Are you ready to get your life and your loved ones back? Call now to learn more about our Joint Commission (JCAHO) accredited, insurance accepted, non-12 step drug and alcohol rehab center (888) 926-4859.