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Drug Detox

Drug Detox at Passages Ventura Addiction Treatment Center

At Passages Ventura, drug detox is the necessary first step on your journey towards sobriety because it rids the body of chemical toxins and provides a complete physical readjustment.

If drug detox is conducted improperly, there can be uncomfortable and potentially dangerous consequences. At Passages Ventura drug addiction treatment center, your detox from drugs will be completely supervised, comfortable, and administered by expert addiction treatment professionals.

Comfortable Drug Detox at Passages Ventura

At Passages Ventura, we offer a variety of customized drug detox options and will create a specialized detox program just for you depending on your drug of choice, medical history, and individual preferences.

If you are in need of a safe drug detox facility, Passages Ventura is the right choice for you. Call now (888) 926-4859.